FAN-digital-screen-imageFiber Art Now magazine is the absolute source for news and the only contemporary fine fiber and textile art magazine of its kind. Our readers are hungry to learn about new materials and supplies related to their arts and crafts, eager to read about exhibitions and conferences displaying the latest trends and techniques, and excited about taking classes to improve their skills.

We also appeal to arts professionals and private collectors. We are fostering the tastemakers in these related industries and are giving them a way to communicate with each other in print (and digital), supported by a strong online and social media presence. Our readers are artists, educators, students, curators, collectors, gallery owners, and arts professionals. Fiber Art Now brings the latest and most stunning pieces to light on our color pages.

Our Readers

Our audience, as measured on Facebook Insights® and Google Analytics® is 93% Female and 7% Male. Average age is 43 years old, and household income is $79,350 annually. Readers of Fiber Art Now also read American Craft, Art News, and other related magazines.

This is not a “how-to” magazine; it is edited for and read by an upscale, arts-driven audience, which includes professional artists and hobbyists, educators, students, collectors, and arts professionals, who visit bookstores, upscale markets, and art galleries. Each issue includes ideas and inspiration across the contemporary fiber arts and textiles spectrum.

Our Distribution

Fiber Art Now was launched in 2011, and has enjoyed steady and vigorous growth since the first issue. Our direct circulation base is 5,000 with many more eyes on the ads as a result of shared issues. Fiber Art Now is available in Barnes and Noble, Books A Million (USA) and in Chapters (Canada) bookstores, and on select UK newsstands. In response to requests from retailers, we are expanding our newsstand coverage to include boutiques, galleries, and museum shops.

Digital Exposure

The digital version is available on iTunes and via our website. We link your advertisement to your site, making readers just one click away.

Web Advertising

As space allows, we provide a banner ad on our website, for advertisers that reserve a 4x insertion (one year).

Let Us Work for You

We reinforce the investment made by our advertisers through social media tools and online advertising. We are not only selling ad space; we support our advertisers by driving traffic to their websites and spreading the word about their exciting projects and news.

These efforts typically include Facebook posts, Twitter mentions, links in our enewsletter, and an opportunity to have a click ad on our resource site, Fiber Arts Mixed Media / FAMM ( Depending on the needs of our partner organizations, our support includes consultation help developing a blog, enewsletter, or facilitating other social media activities that energize customers (and drive sales).

We know that our readers are interested in news, ideas, and connections related to fiber arts and textiles. We also know that our partner organizations have exciting happenings to share. Our mission is to connect these two communities that have a common passion.

Between issues, consistent mentions, announcements, and conversation starters surrounding advertiser brands provide measurable ROI on advertising dollars spent.

Production Services

Fiber Art Now offers design and production services at reasonable rates. Design typesetting and production services are $65 per hour.

Web Advertising

Fiber Art Now provides banner ads on our partner site, Fiber Arts Mixed Media / FAMM ( FAMM, its accompanying facebook page, and LinkedIn group comprise an audience of 15,000 fiber artists and mixed media artists. Most members work in more than one fiber media.

For details, specifications and rates, contact Kathy Velis Turan, number.