Fiber Art Now has a focused mission of connecting and inspiring our community, which includes anyone who is related to contemporary fiber arts and textiles: artists, curators, arts professionals, educators, learners and organizations.

We seek to be informative and idea-generating for our readers, presenting content in a warm, personal tone. We capture an interesting combination of the well-respected and well known as well as lesser known ‘finds.’ We do not publish how-to articles.

Every story in Fiber Art Now must be original. We do not use stories that have been previously published in any other publication or blog. We reserve the right to edit all materials, although we typically work with writers and artists to ensure that they are comfortable with the end product. When submitting any story pitch, please include information about recent (in the last year) or upcoming stories or press that feature this artist’s work, the organization, or the same concepts.

We are interested in stories that:

  • help readers learn (or remember) how contemporary fiber arts have developed;
  • share select events, such as exhibitions or conferences;
  • tell a narrative about one facet of a particular artist’s work, theory, technique or current direction;
  • are written by artists themselves (or in conjunction with Fiber Art Now staff) hearing about how their work has developed or the road map to their own creative process.

Submit your pitch, a couple of images and any related links to


Image credit: Andrea Graham