Chiropractor Longmont, CO. Welcome to the Cafe of Life Longmont a unique chiropractic & massage studio that truly cares to connect with you. We know that you are designed to live a happy, healthy vibrant life. You don’t need to be burdened by pain or being less than who you really are. Start getting long lasting relief by contacting a Longmont Chiropractor or Longmont Massage Therapist at the Cafe of Life.

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Cafe of life
Cafe of Life 202 Main Street Suite 1, Longmont, CO, 80501 Denverdv80820 USA 
 • (303) 827-3541

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What To Expect From our Longmont Chiropractor

We offer chiropractic services that exactly match what your body needs. We use cutting edge technology, where a series of neural spinal exams are performed. These exams will locate any nerve interference in your body, and thus help our longmont chiropractors to identify key treatment areas. The chiropractor will review the results and deliver you a plan for care that best meets your individual needs. Check out our stages of chiropractic care to see how one of our chiropractors can best help you heal.

What To Expect From our Longmont Massage Therapist

We offer a variety of massage techniques at our Longmont studio including ashiatsu massage, swedish massage, hot stone massage, aromatherapy massage, and trigger point massage. All of our massage services are available a la carte, or you can bundle them with the chiropractic adjustment plan of your choice.


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